DelFeoTV 1.0

DelFeoTV allows you to tune in to online TV channels and radio stations
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DelFeoTV is a program that allows you to tune in to online TV channels and radio stations. The Internet offers you thousands of sites with free streaming media. With the help of any web browser, you are able to view and listen to content from all over the world. However, remembering all those URLs and keying them in every time you want to access your favorite stations can be a hard task.

DelFeo Radio/TV Player simplifies this task by grouping TV channels and radio stations separately, and classifying them by country. The program comes with a huge database (97 TV channels and 270 radio stations), but you can add even more just by entering the URL of any new station you have found. If the new entry belongs to a country that is not included in the existing list, the program will add that country to the database. Of course, you can also remove those stations you are no longer interested in.

All content is played in an embedded Windows Media Player interface. It will use all the settings you already had selected in the WMP installed in your system.

In brief, the main advantage in DelFeoTV is that it allows you to customize the list of channels and stations that you can play in the program.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It allows you to add your own stations


  • You cannot edit the database entries
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